Why should I choose Pergotech for outdoor spaces?

  • Intellectual capital: We can come up with suggestions and solutions outside the standard limits on projects thanks to our 43 years of project experience in the industry. This experience allows us to recommend the right product and project for your field.
  • Design: We do not only design functional products but also ensure that they are minimal and suitable for architectural design. All our products are created after long R&D studies and feedback, and their design registrations belong to our company.
  • Accessibility: Our products allow you to use them without facing any problems with their long service life. We have dealers and projects across the world, and our experienced country-region officers provide support within 24 hours on technical issues after the sales and during the project planning and sales processes. Being accessible is of utmost importance for our corporate culture and principles.
  • Project orientation: Knowing that each project has different dynamics, we offer specific solutions for each project’s unique conditions with our project-oriented approach. We monitor the project from the very beginning to its finish and work to develop projects specific to you and your field, from the offer and design to the screw and final details. We ensure that you use the space for long years through the follow-up and after-sales services we provide.

How can I choose the most suitable system for the space?

We recommend that you set out by determining the needs of the space first. 

Some of the products will be added as you prioritize your needs and demands. 

We recommend Bioclimatic and pergola systems, and integrated window systems if you want to create a functional extra space that can be used throughout the year and to experience outdoor comfort regardless of the weather. A pergola model that goes well with the architectural style of the building would suffice if you only want to protect the space from the sun and use it in the evening and during the day.  A zip screen may also be integrated into the facades depending on the angle of sunlight reaching the building.

What is the difference between Pergola and Bioclimatic systems?

The main difference between a pergola and a bioclimatic system is the roof.

Pergolas are made of waterproof PVC fabrics. Each 40-50 centimeter piece of fabric is supported with aluminum profiles to obtain the perfect tension, allow it to be resistant and bear loads, and stop the wind from damaging it. The lighting of the system is also integrated into these profiles. Thus, the roof is protected against all weather conditions and creates an open-air feeling as it moves.

Bioclimatic consists of aluminum lamellas (wings) that rotate or retract when moved. This movement allows you to modulate sunlight and enables air circulation of the space. It protects the space against all weather conditions like pergola systems when closed. 

What are your product ranges?

Pergotech produces next generation mobile architectural systems.

It offers project-specific solutions besides the standard products. 

Horizontal systems include pergola systems, bioclimatic systems, zip-up ceilings, fixed glass ceilings, awning options, and

vertical systems consist of a wide range of products including guillotines, sliding windows, zip systems. 

The product you choose is customized to be suitable to the buildings’ outlook with countless color options and complementary materials.

Which automation company do you work with?

We work with Somfy. 

90% of our automation systems are made up of Somfy which is one of the biggest automation companies in the world. 

We also have automation systems specially developed and produced for Pergotech.

How much does a project?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

It is not possible to give an exact and standard cost as the pricing is based on dynamic elements of the project. We consider the variables and thus come up with a price offer once all the details and needs for the project are determined and the cost is estimated.

Variables are size, color, fabric, etc. assembly site details or shipping and logistics options, etc. …

As Pergotech, we have been providing global service for many years with the motto “high quality and fair price policy.”